Screen Printing Film

At Centurion Graphics, we offer high-quality transparency film for silk screen printing and other screen printing supplies at a competitive price. Our stencil film is ideal for many uses which is why it’s so popular. Take a look at why so many people are using our screen printing film for this process and why you should too.

What Is Screen Printing?

Inkjet Transparency Film Positives used in the process of screen printing

Silkscreen printing is the process of printing a design usually onto paper or fabric like T-shirts for example. However, it can be done on any flat surface such as wood, metal plastic, glass, and more. Here is a video that explains the process. The film is usually used with a stencil so is sometimes referred to as “stencil film”. The film positives have the image you want to be printed on it. Consequently, it is arguably the most important part of this process. This is also why it is important to have a good quality screen printing film. Otherwise, the final product will give unsatisfying, low-quality results. For this reason, we understand how vital good quality film really is to gain a crisp result in your artwork.

Why Our Film Is Ideal For This

Screen printing using film positives

We provide extremely high-quality film positives or negatives (depending on your needs) at a wide variety of different sizes. Our film can output any of your custom images at resolutions that will far exceed any of your requirements for screen printing. Therefore, you can be assured that our screen printing supplies are more than ideal for you, whatever your needs may be. For more information and specifications about the film check out our film output service page.

How To Order Your Screen Printing Film

positive  film used for screen printing

To order your stencil film or to get a quote, all you need to do is email us with your artwork and specifications and we will do the rest! You will receive a speedy reply with a proof and a quote or invoice. Once you approve your proof, you can expect to receive your screen printing transparency film within the next few days. Hence, you can get straight onto your printing project without a long wait. For any more questions, use our helpful chatbot in the bottom left of the screen or contact us using any of the methods on our contact us page.