Bespoke Pre-Press Services

We offer bespoke pre-press services to assist in meeting any unique artwork requirements.

We have many features that come with our pre-press services. These include: positive and negative film output, graphics design/reprographics, wood mounting for letterpress along with digital file handling. You can find out more information about these down below.


Positive and Negative Film Output

  • 5 Image setters on site
  • Calibrated with X-rite & Gretag densitometers
  • Serviced annually
  • ECRM & Linotronic
  • 4000 Dpi / 200Lpi max resolution
  • 750mm max imaging width

For pricing and to discuss your unique specifications regarding our film output service, please contact us.

Graphic Design / Reprographics

Graphic Design / Reprographics - part of our Pre-Press Services
  • State of the art graphic design workstations on site
  • Highly capable and creative team able to work from vague concepts and design briefs
  • 38 years experience in printing industry

Wood Mounting For Letterpress Plates

Wood Mounting For Letterpress Plates - part of our Pre-Press Services
  • We stock pre sanded sheets of MDF to build the following plates up to type high or 23.32mm:
  • 1.75mm photopolymer letterpress plates
  • 1.63mm or 16 gauge magnesium letterpress plates
  • 4mm or 8 gauge magnesium plates
  • All plates glued and pinned for durability and ease of use

Digital File Handling / Proofing

Digital File Handling / Proofing - part of our Pre-Press Services
  • Latest software from Adobe, Corel, Esko, Enfocus & Harlequin allow us to take on complicated jobs with confidence
  • Team able to amend low quality images supplied from the internet
  • Full vectorisation service for bitmaps
  • Digital proofs for customer approval can be created using your company template

For pricing and to discuss your unique specifications, please contact us. You can also look at the prices for our Pre-Press Service by checking out our Price Calculator.