How to order your plates

  1. Assemble your artwork to meet our requirements
  2. Input your artwork size and material into our Price Calculator to receive a price
  3. Place order and pay
  4. Upload your artwork to the order
  5. We will create and upload a proof for your approval
  6. Check the proof carefully ensuring sizes and artworks are correct
  7. If the proof is correct, approve the proof. If not, please contact us
  8. Once approved, your order then will be manufactured and dispatched once ready

Centurion Graphics Artwork Requirements:

Please send us files as they are to be printed, NOT reversed or inverted. We will perform this process at our end.

File Type

We prefer to be sent either .pdf documents or .ai files, however, we are willing to cater to other file types if necessary. Vector artwork is ideal for the best results on the plate. If this is not possible, either black and white bitmaps or greyscale bitmaps (for screen work) are acceptable.


Please convert your fonts to ‘outlines’ or ‘convert to shape’ depending on what program you are using. This ensures the font is not changed or replaced if that font is not installed on our system. If you are struggling to achieve this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Strokes / Outlines

The minimum thickness we can hold on a plate is a ‘hairline’ or 0.25pt. Please ensure all strokes are not below this minimum, this includes lines and serifs on the text. If areas of the artwork are below this minimum, they will likely not hold on the plate and detail will be lost.


Please ensure the colours of the artwork are black(C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100) and white(C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=0). Black areas will print and white areas will not.


If vector artwork is not available, then, high-quality bitmaps can be used. These need to be a minimum of 600dpi, but the higher the better. They need to be monochrome/black and white. This is referred to as ‘Bitmap’ in Adobe Photoshop. Greyscale bitmaps can also be used in letterpress for screens and shading.

Paper Copies

If you have a paper copy of your artwork, you can either send us a high-resolution scan of it or send us the copy via post. We can then reproduce the artwork from the copy or print.

We also offer Artwork production if you do not have a copy of the artwork you require. Please see our services for more and contact us.