Magnesium Foiling Dies

We manufacture high-quality magnesium foiling dies (hot foil plates) in various thicknesses for hot foil stamping.

These plates used for foil printing are sometimes referred to as foiling dies, hot foil dies, hot foil blocks, foil blocks, hot foil plates or hot foil stamping plates.
The print quality is the same for all magnesium foiling dies. However, there are differences. The main differences are the cost and the maximum possible relief or etch depth. 
All foiling dies are hand finished and inspected before we dispatch them. The plates have chamfered edges on the top and are filed down on the back edges also. They do this to remove metal burrs.

16 Gauge (1.63mm) Magnesium Foiling Plates

16 Gauge-or-1.63mm-magnesium-foiling-plates
  • The thinnest foiling die we offer.
  • Very cost effective for short print runs
  • 1.1mm maximum etch
  • Ideal for printing onto hard substrates

8 Gauge (4mm) Magnesium Foiling Plates

8 Gauge-or-4mm-magnesium-foiling-plates
  • Most versatile magnesium plate
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 3mm relief maximum etch
  • Thicker backing allows plate to be mounted and removed multiple times without damage
  • Well suited for printing onto soft substrates like leather

3 Gauge (6.35mm) Magnesium Foiling Plates

3 Gauge-or-6.35mm-magnesium-foiling-plates
  • Thickest available magnesium plate we stock
  • 4mm maximum relief possible
  • Designed for Heidelberg platten machines
  • Best plate for printing onto soft substrates like leather

How are foiling dies made?

The process of etching magnesium foiling dies undoubtedly requires a lot of skill and experience. This is because the chemistry that makes up the etching "bath" has a limited lifespan.

Therefore, the operator has to understand what state the chemistry is in for each hot foil plate to ensure a clean etch.

Importantly, the temperature range must be kept within a 2-degree tolerance. As a result, the heat generated from the etching of unwanted material can be difficult to control when the "bath" is at it's strongest
Obviously, each plate is different because of the arrangement of the customer's artwork. However, our team at Centurion Graphics has been etching magnesium plates since 1981. That's nearly 40 years! Consequently, we have the necessary experience and equipment to deal with this challenge.

ALL of our magnesium printing plates are unquestionably capable of holding very fine detail required for high-quality foil printing.  Also, they are compatible with virtually any foiling machines.

They are sometimes referred to as "zincos" because they used to be made of zinc.
They are available in different thicknesses or "gauges". The 3 most popular gauges we stock are shown above. 

Nevertheless, we can also supply 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm upon request.

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