Centurion Graphics supply and manufacture photopolymer and magnesium letterpress printing plates in various thicknesses.

You can find out how to order them here. 

ALL of our letterpress plates are capable of holding very fine detail required for high-quality printing with solvent or oil-based inks.
They are compatible with virtually any letterpress machine
Some popular ones include Heidelberg, Adana, Craft Dragon & Quickutz.

All letterpress products can be supplied with or without double-sided tape attached.
They are all hard enough to leave a tactile or embossed / de-bossed finish, which is very much in fashion at the moment.

Foil-Backed Polymer Plates

1.75mm Foil Backed Letterpress Polymer

1.75mm foil-backed-letterpress-polymer-printing-plate

0.95mm Foil Backed Letterpress Polymer


Foil-backed or steel-backed?

Photopolymer letterpress plates are described as either "Foil" or "Steel Backed". The expression "foil" refers to a very thin plastic that is bonded to the photosensitive polymer. Once the plate has been washed out, only the required print elements are left in place and are held in situ by the "foil" backing.

Foil backed plates are transparent which makes it easier to register on the base as you can see through them. Also, the backing is easily cut with scissors.

We can also supply the following thicknesses of foil backed polymer letterpress plates upon request:
0.43mm – 0.80mm – 1.14mm – 1.52mm

Steel-Backed Polymer Plates

0.95mm Steel Backed Letterpress Polymer


1.45mm Steel Backed Letterpress Polymer


1.75mm Steel Backed Letterpress Polymer


Steel backed letterpress plates are ideal if you are using a magnetic base as you won't require glue or double-sided tape to fix in place.

We can also supply the following thicknesses of steel backed polymer letterpress plates upon request: 0.73mm – 0.83mm – 0.17mm – 1.9mm

Magnesium Letterpress Plates

16 Gauge (1.63mm) Magnesium Letterpress

16 gauge-magnesium-letterpress-polymer-printing-plate

8 Gauge (4mm) Magnesium Letterpress

8 gauge-magnesium-letterpress-polymer-printing-plate

Traditional Letterpress Printing Plates

Magnesium plates are the most traditional letterpress printing plates and have been used for decades. They are sometimes referred to as "zincos" because they used to be made of zinc. They are available in different thicknesses or "gauges".

How are they made?

The process of etching magnesium letterpress plates requires much skill and experience. This is because the chemistry that makes up the etching "bath" has a lifespan. The operator has to understand the characteristics of the bath at different stages to ensure a clean etch.
Our team at Centurion Graphics have been etching magnesium plates since 1981, some 38 years, so we are well equipped to meet this challenge.

Crisp Shoulders?

Photopolymer letterpress plates are able to hold finer screen frequencies, but some customers prefer traditional magnesium plates because they produce a crisper "shoulder", in their opinion. This, in turn, makes a sharper emboss or de-boss in the substrate.