Film Output Service

High-quality positive and negative film output

At Centurion Graphics, we offer an efficient, high-quality film output service. We produce positive or negative film output for many different uses such as screen printing, litho and many other uses. To do this, we use 5 well maintained and regularly serviced imagesetters on-site. Our employees calibrate them daily using X-Rite and Gretag / Viptronic densitometers.

Our Family of imagesetters include:

  • Herkules Pro – Maximum single image size is 750mm x 559mm
  • Linotronic 330 – Maximum single image size is 304mm x 3000mm
  • Linotronic 560 – Maximum single image size is 450mm x 3000mm
  • ECRM VR 450 – Maximum single image size is 450mm x 3000mm
  • ECRM MAKO 56 – Maximum single image size is 560mm x 3000mm

What can our imagesetter film be used for?

Our imagesetter film is suitable for these applications:

About Our Film Output Service

Our film output service provides positive or negative films. These can be processed either mirrored right reading emulsion up or down. When doing this, we use AGFA IR (Infra-red) or HNm (Helium-neon matte) film. These are usually outputted at a density of 4. A diverse range of different screen rulings, angles and dot shapes are available with our image setting film output service at a maximum screen output resolution of 4000dpi @ 200Lpi. Moreover, we use the latest industry-standard Harlequin RIP software. This has all available plug-ins including Colour Pro, Trap Pro and HPS screening to produce exceptional imagesetter film. Consequently, you can be confident in our ability to recreate your files to the greatest accuracy possible.

Get in contact with us

If your order and payment (or agreement of payment terms) is received before 15:00, we can output and send your film on the same day. You can send us files using these applications / formats but we prefer PDF where possible.

Graphic design software used for film output service

Hence, you just need to let us know your requirements. Click here to get in contact with us.