Embossing Dies

About Embossing Die Sets

Embossing dies and Debossing dies are used to mold the material that is being used to produce a tactile finish.
At Centurion Graphics, we produce all these sets to an exceptional standard.
These consist of a magnesium ‘female’ and polymer ‘male’ plate. As a result, the two plates can sandwich your substrate which creates a sharp emboss/deboss in the material which is known as a ‘blind emboss’.

Ordinarily, we would create both plates from the same artwork to keep the emboss consistent with the print. Nevertheless, we can adjust the artwork for your embossing die to suit your needs. For example, we can increase the size of the artwork for the ‘female’ or reduce the ‘male’ to allow for the extra thickness if you are using a thicker substrate.
Also, we can supply the ‘female’ in any of our magnesium thicknesses to cater for all presses. Therefore, despite your application, you can rely on our embossing sets to provide the tactile finish you require.

ALL our sets produce the same high-quality finish regardless of thickness.
They can be made in 16, 8, or 3 Gauge Magnesium.

You can find out how to order them here.

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16 gauge magnesium embossing die