About Us

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Who are Centurion Graphics?

We are a company that is dedicated to offering an efficient service distributing high-quality bespoke printing plates. This has been our aim for 40 years! It all started off with the founder of the company, Peter, in 1980 buying some printing equipment from his brother in law. He installed it all in his shed where he printed business cards and invitations with his wife under the name Peter Hall Printing. In 1981, he started to focus his attention on manufacturing printing plates. He did this because he realised he needed to spend more time making the plates to ensure that they were a high enough quality.

In 1994, the company he founded 13 years before became Centurion Graphics. Now, we are constantly growing from Peter’s shed. After moving numerous times to accommodate new equipment and staff, it is looking like we may have to move again! Nevertheless, our aim will always be the same, manufacturing all kinds of printing plates and other pre-press supplies worldwide.

Why not have a look at some example plates?

Example Magnesium Letterpress Printing plate
Magnesium Letterpress Printing Plate
Magnesium letterpress printing plate, embossing die
Magnesium Letterpress printing plate

To have a look at some more stunning examples of what we can make for you, check out our gallery here or check us out on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Why not give us a follow so you don’t miss out on any of our posts, example artwork and more.

Meet the team

At Centurion Graphics, we have grown from being just Peter and his wife to becoming a team of hard-working employees with a common goal – to provide the best experience for our customers. This goes all the way from accounting to manufacturing. Even though the team consists of a variety of different people and ages, our happy employees all share a love for the company. Why not have a look at who we are to learn a bit more about who provides you with such good customer satisfaction!


Peter character

As the founder of Centurion Graphics, Peter has been here for 40 years, and was printing even before that! Therefore, he has a strong attachment and love for the company and works hard to make sure it continues to succeed. He focuses on the accounts side of the company now.



Wendy is a partner of the company, and has been helping out since the beginning 40 years ago. She now assists Peter with the accounts for the company.


Martyn character

Martyn has been with the company since 2009. He has a background in computing and took to graphic design like a duck to water! He is the partner with the major share, therefore he is very driven to making the company succeed. Martyn deals with every aspect of the company.


Debbie Character

Debbie is a silent partner of the company. She helps out in many ways, most importantly by delivering our plates to be sent via the post. Therefore, without Debbie, none of our customers would receive their plates which makes this a very crucial job.


Oscar Character

Oscar has been here for 5 years. He started working for the company straight from studying A-level graphic design at college. He had further training in web development and social media marketing. Oscar is competent in all aspects of the job, from graphic design to plate manufacturing.


Benjy Character

Benjy has been part of the team for over year. He is in charge of the social media and marketing department and also makes some Artwork Tutorials. Additionally, he helps with the packing and deliveries of the plates at the end of the day.